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Florida’s Most Experienced Orthopedic Surgeons

We’re here to help you feel your best and live your best life. Our orthopedic specialists have pioneered techniques for limb lengthening and deformity correction and are always working to give you customized, effective orthopedic care.

Life-Changing Medical Advancements

Treatment Options

Your condition is unique to you — and so is your care. Our skilled team will evaluate your musculoskeletal issue and tailor a treatment plan that fits your needs. We’ve developed a range of techniques and technologies to bring you safer, more-successful treatments that improve your condition and your quality of life.

Our Innovative Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor (ISKD) Procedure 

There are a number of conditions that can cause bones to be unequal or shorter than they need to be. The good news is, our limb-lengthening procedures can help. We’ve developed the innovative Intramedullary Skeletal Kinetic Distractor (ISKD) to gradually increase limb length over a yearlong period. The device works internally, without external pins or wires, and dramatically reduces the likelihood of infection and scarring. Our surgeons at AdventHealth, formerly Florida Hospital, Orthopedic Institute pioneered this device, but it’s proven so successful that it’s now being used throughout the United States and Europe. You can feel reassured knowing we have more experience using this technique than any other hospital. You’re in good hands. 

Limb Salvage

When you’re faced with a cancerous tumor, a bone damaged by rheumatoid arthritis, or you’re at risk for amputation, we’ll always explore whether limb salvage may be an alternative for you. Using minimally invasive procedures, our surgeons will remove diseased tissue or bone and replace it with a prosthesis, graft or transplant. Limb salvage preserves as much of your tissue as possible, allowing you to resume life with greater functionality and peace of mind. Our orthopedic surgeons have years of experience in limb salvage and have developed a range of techniques for improving the way we perform these procedures. That means you’ll benefit from the latest standards in limb salvaging and receive comprehensive care at every step.

Deformity Correction

We live our best when we feel our best. If you’re living with a condition that’s holding you back from feeling confident — whether it’s caused by an injury, a childhood issue or an orthopedic condition — our experienced surgeons can help. Your care team will use minimally invasive techniques whenever possible to bring you greater freedom and help enhance your quality of life.

Before every surgery, we’ll connect you with a coordinator who can help guide you to make the right choice for your care by giving you all the details you need to be well-informed. We’ll do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable, reassured and confident in your care.

Prosthetics and Orthotics

You’re looking for a perfect fit. That’s what we’re here for. We know that the right orthotic or prosthetic for you is specific and individual. Whether you need a joint replacement, a personalized brace, or a prosthetic limb, we’ll work with you one-on-one to create your most suitable and comfortable devices and braces. We use leading personalized prosthetics and orthotics for:

  • Foot and Ankle Orthotics
  • Hand and Wrist Orthotics
  • Knee Orthotics
  • Limb Prostheses

Whatever your condition, whatever your needs, we’ll make sure to give you unwavering support and the best, individualized care so you can lead an active life.


After your surgery, you may need some extra support to recover the life you love. Often, therapy and rehabilitation can help increase the effects of your surgery and bring you faster, more-lasting healing. Find the support you need through our comprehensive rehabilitation program, guided by a multidisciplinary team of expert physicians, physical therapists and sports medicine specialists. 

We offer fitness services, physical and massage therapies and more resources to help you live a life of wellness and possibility. From athletic trainers to occupational therapists, our goal is to help you find strength in your recovery and conquer everyday tasks like driving your car or climbing stairs. We’re right by your side from day one, helping you reach your goal of a more active life. 

Learn more about our rehabilitation program.

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Find Your Orthopedic Team

The people behind you are just as important as the medicine and technology that helps heal you. That’s why we’ve hand-picked a team of experts as well-versed in the science of orthopedic care as they are in the art of human compassion.

Meet Your Team

Our Locations. Your Options.

As interconnected pieces of one of the most comprehensive orthopedic care networks in Florida, every one of our Central Florida locations contributes to the strength of the AdventHealth Orthopedic Institute. Our dedicated team will help you explore your options and find the right fit, so you’re in the best setting to get the care you need.

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